MARIELA FLORES, Jeremías Flores' mother


MARIELA FLORES, Jeremías Flores' mother (Economy student at UTDT, member of the "Alumni Network" Programme):


"We took the opportunity that Germinare gave our son. (...) For us it would have been impossible to reach the places he arrived. We always wanted the best for us, and we know that in this world the best thing is Education. (...) It is very important that our children can also see that they can study. And we can share this experience with relatives who can continue studying. "




29, Pilar. Graduated from Del Viso Day School. He is former member of the "Agents for Change" programme. He got his bachelor's in Political Science at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. This year he completed his MBA in Public Services and Social Politics at Universidad de Salamanca.


"I would tell boys and girls who are just starting not to sit back waiting for opportunities to come, but to dare and cross their own limits, their own boundaries, and become persons with an eager spirit, with a will to accept new challenges persons with a strong social awareness, but above all, persevering and indifferent towards prejudice and adversity.".




23, Pilar. She was part of the "Agents for Change" programme and graduated from Bede's Grammar School. She graduated with a double certificate as Bachelor in Political Science and Government, and International Relations, from the University of San Andrés. She now works as consultant in the Public Policies Acceleration Lab in the UN Programme for Development. Her contract expires in December 2021.


"…I never felt bad for wanting more, but at the other school they did make me feel bad for it When I learn I feel that I can think differently;it's like I'm not limited into thinking in a certain way Instead I learn and sort of adapt to different situations. Now I want to become a lawyer and a judge. I used to want that before too, but I felt like I didn't have the tools needed for it. Now I feel I have them..."

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